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BioMin® F Toothpaste

Armour for Teeth

BioMin - Product

Unique Technology

An award winning formula, BioMin® F is a SMART biomaterial that bathes your teeth in an optimal mix of Fluoride, Calcium and Phosphate ions continuously for up to 12 hours after brushing. These minerals combine to form a highly protective surface called Fluorapatite, integrating with the tooth surface to strengthen and protect the tooth structure and reduce sensitivity.


Less is More

BioMin® 's unique slow release technology means it doesn't need the high Fluoride concentrations found in all other toothpastes. BioMin® F bonds to the teeth and releases the optimum concentrations of Fluoride throughout the day.

The Fluoride in all other toothpaste's is rapidly washed away within 2 hours of brushing, which is why they contain such high levels of Fluoride. The recommended Fluoride concentration of 1450ppm is a legal limit, not a minimum requirement for therapeutic benefit. 


Armour for Teeth 

BioMin® F toothpaste bonds to the teeth and develops a strong enamel-like coating over the tooth surfaces. This coating is called Fluorapatite and is extremely beneficial because it's 10 times more acid resistant than natural tooth enamel. 


Big Benefits

Brushing at least twice daily, the regular use of BioMin® F toothpaste will to relive the effects of dentine hypersensitivity and strengthen tooth enamel! 


Clinically proven and recommended by the Oral Health Foundation

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