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Learn about Oral Health

Why interdental brushes should be part of your daily routine

Flossing should be an important part of your daily oral health routine. Interdental brushes should be used to help remove bacteria and plaque build-up from between the teeth and gums that can't be cleaned effectively with just a toothbrush ...

Fluoride: Superhero For Teeth

  When it comes to choosing the right toothpaste for our teeth, it's easy to forget that fluoride is the real Superhero. Biomin®F is a revolutionary toothpaste that harnesses the power of fluoride in a bioactive glass to protect the teeth between brushes.

Keeping wine pleasurable

As far as jobs go, being a professional wine taster and travelling the world sampling wines has to be up there with the best. But what if your dream job suddenly became threatened by extreme dentine sensitivity? This is Jane's story, a sommelier, who thought her career was over - until she discovered Biomin® F.

Do you know what lockdown grazing is doing to your teeth?

If there was ever a time to switch to BioMin® F toothpaste it’s now! In the current crisis it’s almost impossible to see a dentists and that means, more than ever, we really need to be looking after our teeth.

The Bass Technique

It is essential to get your toothbrushing technique correct to maintain good oral health. The most commonly used brushing technique is the horizontal scrub method where the bristles are activated in a gentle, horizontal scrubbing motion.
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