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Fluoride: Superhero For Teeth

Our mouths are a battle ground and our teeth are under attack 24/7. If you want to prevent costly visits to the dentist then choosing the right kind of toothpaste is key. If you're anything like me, then your choice of toothpaste might be based on cost, whitening claims, packaging or taste - but often the last thing on our minds is the real hero of tooth protection - Flouride!

So, what is Flouride?

Well, it's a compound found naturally in rocks, soil and water and its ability to protect and strengthen teeth was stumbled upon quite by chance. Way back in the 1900's, Fred McKay, a local dentist in the USA, noticed that many of the local townsfolk had teeth that were surprisingly resistant to tooth decay and he traced this back to the high levels of fluoride in the drinking water, which came from local rock deposits.

So, how exactly does Fluoride fight cavities? 

The outer coating of our teeth is called enamel. This tough outer shell is the hardest substance in the human body and is made up of two minerals, calcium and phosphate. Enamel is incredibly strong but its achilles heel is acid, which dissolves it. When we eat sugary and starchy food and drinks (e.g. sweets, sodas and energy drinks), bacteria feast on the sugars producing acid that attacks the enamel leaving them vulnerable to decay, cavities and painful tooth sensitivity. Now, our saliva helps mitigate this onslaught to some extent by washing away food debris and neutralising acids. Luckily, our saliva also contains a reserve of calcium and phosphate to replace some of the lost minerals. But the real superhero in the fight against tooth decay is Fluoride. When present in saliva, Flouride combines with calcium and phosphates in a unique way forming a structure called Flouroapatite - I know, it's a weird word, but what's great is that it's 10 times more resistant to acid than the natural enamel in our teeth. 

So the more Fluoride the better - right? 

Well, many toothpaste manufacturers would have you believe that the more Fluoride a toothpaste contains, the more it remineralises and protects the teeth but there is a problem with this theory. After brushing our teeth, most of the fluoride is rapidly washed away by our saliva, so that 90 minutes after brushing there is very little left - and if you rinse your mouth with water after brushing then the fluoride is washed away even quicker! This leaves your teeth unprotected and vulnerable to acid attack between brushes.

That's why we're excited about Biomin® F, a revolutionary toothpaste developed by scientists in London, that works protect your teeth round the clock. They have developed a patented formula within their toothpaste which contains fluoride, calcium and phosphates in the exact quantities needed to protect teeth and replace lost minerals. This unique bioactive material bonds to the teeth coating then in an impervious glass-like protective shield. However, unlike normal domestic glass in our windows and bottles, this glass slowly dissolves over a period of 12 hours releasing just the right amounts of fluoride and minerals to rebuild our enamel with super-strong, acid-resistant Flouroapatite. So, brushing twice a day with Biomin® F helps protect the teeth and replaces and strengthens the enamel over a whopping 24 hours! What's more, it's been shown to be clinically effective against the electric shock-like pains of tooth sensitivity by penetrating deep and blocking microscopic channels in the teeth that lead directly to the nerves. 

First-time users are loving the super-smooth texture, great fresh-mint taste and say their teeth feel smoother, cleaner and look younger. This product truly is ARMOUR FOR TEETH. But don't take our word for it CLICK HERE and try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

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