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Keeping wine pleasurable

As far as jobs go, being a professional wine taster and travelling the world sampling wines has to be up there with the best. But what if your dream job suddenly became threatened by extreme dentine sensitivity? This happened to Jane, a sommelier, who thought her days of "see, swirl, sniff, sip and savour" were over when she developed extreme sensitivity to both hot and cold, food and drink.. fortunately she discovered BioMin® F.

Dentine sensitivity is quite common among people who taste wines or spirits extensively. Jane’s job means she's sampling large amounts of wine daily for months at a time. The wine was causing a constant acid environment, which had gradually demineralised her tooth enamel, exposing the sensitive dentine below the surface and causing excruciating pain.

Her hypersensitivity also meant that visits to the dentist and hygienist had become unbearable. About 2 years ago, Jane was recommended BioMin® F by her hygienist and she has never looked back. ‘BioMin® F is brilliant,’ she said. ‘the sensitivity has cleared up completely and I no longer dread going to the dentist. It really works.’ Jane’s teeth used to develop a large amount of calculus (tartar) between each visit and this too has almost completely stopped. Her friends have noticed that her teeth actually look whiter and less translucent. ‘I think they feel cleaner too,’ she said.

BioMin® F works in a different way from other ‘sensitive’ toothpaste brands. BioMin® F is made up minerals bound up in a bioglass that adheres to the teeth in a similar way to a polymer. Over several hours, saliva slowly dissolves the BioMin® F and precipitates the mineral fluorapatite onto the tooth surface, mimicking the natural creation of tooth mineral. Due to the tiny particle size of the BioMin® F, it enters tiny dentinal tubules, plugging them and preventing the fluid flow that causes dentine hypersensitivity.

This is important for everyone but especially useful for someone like Jane, whose teeth are continually exposed to acid. BioMin® F is specifically designed to dissolve and deposit fluorapatite even more quickly in the presence of acid, so that the protective effect is enhanced just when it is really needed. 

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