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Do you know what lockdown grazing is doing to your teeth?

If there was ever a time to switch to BioMin® F toothpaste it’s now! In the current crisis it’s almost impossible to see a dentists and that means, more than ever, we really need to be looking after our teeth.  

A less obvious, but equally important threat at the moment is constant snacking. In addition to the obvious impact on our waistlines, “lockdown grazing” can also significantly affect your teeth. Did you know that the pH, or acidity, in our mouths is constantly changing throughout the day? Consuming sugary snacks and acidic drinks causes the pH in our mouth to drop and the acidic environment causes demineralisation of our tooth enamel. 

Saliva is our natural defence and over a couple of hours it will neutralise the acid and promote remineralisation of the lost tooth enamel. However, when we are grazing through the day our mouths don’t get the opportunity to enter this remineralisation phase and the net loss of enamel will eventually produce cavities. Not something you ever want, but especially not in the present climate. 

BioMin® toothpaste is based on years of research at Queen Mary’s University London and is the best protection you can give your teeth against decay because it actively promotes the remineralisation of teeth throughout the day. At a microscopic level, the unique bio-glass in BioMin® toothpaste adheres to the teeth and releases a constant supply of essential minerals to your teeth for up to 12 hours. 

When the mouth becomes acidic, the rate at which BioMin® releases minerals increases. This means that the pH is neutralised more quickly than with saliva alone and your mouth spends more time in the remineralisation state, repairing rather than degrading the enamel. Furthermore, with BioMin® the teeth remineralise with Fluorapatite, which is a highly stable and more resistant to acid than our natural enamel.

So BioMin® is reducing the time we spend in the 'acid zone' and it makes your teeth more resistant to the demineralisation processes. Just what you need to combat the affects of that lock down grazing, especially with no trips to the dentist on the immediate horizon.

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